Clinical Study Reveals Remarkable Safety
of Stemtox Skin Systems

Princeton Consumer ResearchStemtox Skin Systems is committed to scientific rigor and innovation in the field of skincare. Our top-selling products, A.Tox and B.Tox, known for their benefits of diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, demonstrated the remarkable safety profile of our product line. A carefully conducted clinical study, Study Number: ZERRIP1M (A), investigated the reactions of Stemtox Skin Systems, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary with no adverse reactions, irritations, or sensitizations reported out of the 100+ neutral participating subjects. The findings of this prestige Princeton analysis hold significant promise for skincare enthusiasts and those seeking effective, safe, and non-irritating products. With comprehensive research aimed to provide unbiased and credible insights into the products efficacy, customers can feel confident knowing Stemtox Skin System is clinically proven and safe for dermal application.


Commenced on August 7th, 2023, and concluded on the 18th of September 2023, Princeton Consumer Research Corp investigated and managed the evaluation of the adverse effects of Stemtox Skin Systems. Overlooked by key personnel B.D and A.K, the Principal Investigator and Study Supervisor, their hard work and dedication ensured that sufficient resources were available at the time of the study as they were responsible for overseeing the protocol, design, and report, as well as certifying authorization standards were satisfied daily. While in compliance with the ICH Guidelines on Good Clinical Practice and Quality Assurance procedures, Study Number: ZERRIP1M (A) has met specific requirements and protocols to set the seal on the overall safety of Stemtox products.

PCR report shows the subject demographics of all 114 subjects
IMAGE 1: The demographics of all 114 subjects.

As Image 1 shows, the study was conducted with over 100 participants who were meticulously selected, both male and female adults of all ages providing a wide variety of demographics. Concluded findings stated 100% of them affirmed no erythematous or irritable reactions at any point of the study, which Image 2 clearly demonstrates.

PCR report shows the individual responses of the 114 subjects.
IMAGE 2: The individual responses of the 114 subjects.

Per the final report that was drafted on October 5th, 2023, “These results support the assessment that under the conditions of the study, the test articles have demonstrated a low potential for irritation and sensitization.” A total of 9 occlusive patches were carefully worn for 2-3 days over a period of 3 weeks with readings made both 1 hour and 48 hours post removal. This method was chosen to stimulate the products’ real-world application, ensuring the study’s relevance to everyday use.


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